From Custom Designed Turnkey Systems
and spare components to full service and maintenance contracts, Walker Barrier Systems has the experience, knowledge and capabilities to assist in your isolation project needs.

Founded in 1943, Walker Stainless Equipment

has over 60 years of experience in stainless design and fabrication. Walker Barrier Systems, a Division of Walker Stainless Equipment, develops world leading Containment and Isolation systems for the pharmaceutical, fine chemical, and nuclear industries. With facilities in New Lisbon, WI, Elroy, WI and Tavares, FL; Walker Stainless Equipment focuses on providing the food, beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical, fine chemicals, and nuclear industries with a full range of high value, high quality product built to meet and exceed our customers’ most challenging applications.

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Stock Isolators
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Three Glove Transfer Isolator

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6 Glove Sterility Test Isolator


Clean Air Barrier Isolator

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Pre-Engineered Isolator

Stock Price $35,000

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